Riding High in Paradise

Welcome to Paradise Fjords.  We are located along the Flathead River in Western Montana north of Missoula.  The approximate 200 acre facility is a combination horse breeding/training operation and organic farm.   As the horse training disciplines progress the Fjords horses will be part of the farming process.

Back in 1997 by chance, I acquired a Brown Dun Fjord weanling colt.  He has an impressive pedigree and we patiently watched him grow into a beautiful young stallion.  After properly registering him with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry NFHR (link)  as Paradise’s Rocco (see page Rocco), the time to find a suitable breeding mare was a long time coming.   It took a trip to Canada to find a beautiful Grey Dun mare just 3 years old.

In 2007 Bo Fjords Silver Beauty (see page Silver Beauty) arrived as Rocco’s new mate.  Beauty had some beginning training but was basically a green horse.  Another unplanned event was about to begin.  Morgan an enthusiastic young equestrian (age 7), began to bond with Beauty.  Over the next 7 years they learned together as rider and horse. (See page: Morgan and Beauty)

Beauty and Rocco produced their first foal in May 2012, Paradise’s Eli.  (See page: Paradise’s Eli)  Our breeding philosophy is to give the mare and foal all the time they need together for both health and social reasons before weaning and separation (see page: Horse Psychology).  Breeding the mare the second year after a birth provides for healthy cycle.  (See page: Health).

In April 2015 after a very record cold long winter, Beauty and Rocco’s second foal was born, Paradise’s Harvey.  He is big and handsome.  At the age of 1 year he stands at nearly 14 hands  (see page: Paradise’s Harvey).  All foals are imprinted and handled daily as part of the early training process.

Although our Fjord herd is small, there is over half a century of knowledge to interact with on this web site.  The Fjord horse is featured here as the link to help guide you through a doorway into a world of learning and experience designed to answer questions and become involved with the world of the HORSE.