About Us

Wow! That many years.

The Paradise Fjord Horse Farm is an accumulation of over 50 years of experience with horses.  This includes health care, training philosophies, horse psychology and equestrian disciplines.

As for conventional education, Owner/Operator Nancy Beech completed the Horse Science course provided by the University of Wisconsin in the early 1970’s; attended St. Cloud State University for pre veterinarian training 1972; trained as a veterinarian assistant in the 1980’s; attended the Linda Tellington Jones T.E.A.M horse training clinics late 1980’s; partnered with a professional farrier 1990’s;  and recently attended a Clinton Anderson 2 day clinic in Perry Georgia.

The list of mentioned accomplishments above is no comparison to the hands on experience gained from daily interaction with the Equine species.  Some of my more unconventional learning experiences include: growing up with Shetland ponies; partnering in a riding school; working on a ranch; living in a remote area – horse transportation necessary; horse leader (16 years) 4-H; breeding and foaling Fjord horses.

And still, that list can only touch the surface in understanding the values gained from life with horses.  What do we learn from horses?  What have I learned? What do I help others learn?  Compassion, dediction, responsibility, tolerance,  joy,  grace, steadfastness, self esteme, forgiveness, humility, discipline and more – all from a horse.

As you explore the pages or blogs on this web site, it is my hope that you will find something useful, entertaining or educational.  The evolution of paradisefjords.com is a work in progress meant to interact with visitors to the site.  Your comments are appreciated.

The Fjord horse is a unique breed in itself.  You will find pages here dedicated to the breeding, training and experiences identifying the traditional qualities maintained over hundreds of years to keep the Fjord pedigree pure and true.  To learn more about the Fjord breed visit The North American Fjord Horse Registry  (NFHR)

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